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Buying a mattress is very likely one of the hardest decisions consumers have to make these days. Hard in as much as they have to make a decision at the time of purchase, even though a proper evaluation from a health point of view is only possible weeks or even months later. Many consumers repeatedly voice their concern and feelings of uncertainty that come when purchasing a new bed. These circumstances have inspired the Proschlaf Institute to develop a concept that provides the consumer maximum certainty when purchasing a new mattress.

The Proschlaf Concept is Based on Three Principles:

1. The mattress technology must exemplify itself with its adaptable, stabilization qualities and it being easy to adjust. The Proschlaf’s roller-insert technology provides the basis for a modern mattress.

2. Determining the individual support structure of a mattress. The Proschlaf Institute has developed various methods that are applied individually at the Proschlaf service centers. The main goal here is to obtain certain body measurements that are used to determine the support structure of the mattress.

3. The question whether a mattress fully meets all health requirements can only be answered after it has been used over an extended period of time. Ordinary mattresses do not allow changes at a later date, except for changes that can be made to the slatted frame. The Proschlaf concept on the other hand makes it possible to change the support structure by simply changing rollers. The customer can receive assistance with the change via a telephone service hotline. This unique service expertly guides the customer through the process of changing the rollers and is available in all of German speaking Europe.
Trained experts run the Proschlaf helpline and help the customer optimize the comfort of the mattress and pillow.