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The Training Program

The expertise of service personnel has taken on a more important role for the consumer when purchasing a mattress and pillow. A main reason for this is that it is very difficult to check the quality of a mattress during the short test period at the store and not possible at all at a “sales party“. For this very reason the consumer seeks other factors that can give him security when purchasing a mattress and pillow. The Proschlaf concept is founded on 3 basic elements which help ensure the consumer absolute and complete certainty when buying a mattress and pillow:

First: An „adjustable“ mattress technology
Second: Expert customer support with assistance via the Proschlaf hotline
Third: a comprehensive training program for the personnel of local specialist shops

The Proschlaf Institute offers retailers a comprehensive training program that contains two levels of training:

„The Expert for Sleep Physiology“
„The Medically Certified Sleep Consultant“
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The Therapy and Training Centre in the Medical Centre Schallmoos



Dr. Müller-Thies ist the medical director of the Proschlaf Training Program