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In spite of good diagnostic and therapeutic developments in medicine, the number of cases of spinal and motion problems is increasing constantly a serious medical problem in our society.

In view of the total concept, all mechanical means available should be considered that supply a regenerating effect on the spinal cord during sleep at night meaning the bed and related equipment. A bed that is correctly formed, from a physical point of view, thus needs to be included in the total medical portrait in the future.

This subject, which is a serious topic for both the medical field and the public, was the catalyst for founding a specialist institute for physiological resting, the Proschlaf Institute. The mission of the institute is to function as an intermediary between the medical-scientific world on the one side and the institutions on the other side that provide consumers with the proper bed and related equipment.

Due to the work of the Proschlaf Institute, the physical-medical influence on the supply of body-contoured mattresses and pillows is possible. This is not only a benefit for the individuals affected and for practicing doctors, but also for the sector of the economy that concentrates on this subject, since they can complete their work in the future using a better founded and medically competent basis.

The State of Salzburg (Salzburger Land) presented the Proschlaf Institute the innovation award for its previous achievements in creating new application techniques and processes for fashioning a sleep environment.

The Medical Center Schallmoos in Salzburg which hosts the Proschlaf Institute with its Training Programme Center and a specialized Proschlaf retail store.

The measuring of the body in the Proschlaf retail store: This provides important measurements that are then taken into consideration when creating the mattress and pillow.