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The Physiological Mattress Test

The quality of a bed can be measured by its ability to enable the body to recuperate. To achieve maximum regeneration, a certain physical environment has to be created. This is the responsibility of the mattress and pillow. They are to guide the body to an optimal position and establish physical stabilization.

Because the build of every person is unique, it is not enough to construct mattresses and pillows based on anatomic averages and to offer mass-produced products to go. Rather, mattresses and pillows have to correctly fulfill their role of stabilizing and regulating the body and therefore have to be based on the individual, anatomical build and the specific sleeping customs of the individual.

Proschlaf research has not only provided theoretical findings that support a modern sleep culture, they also found the means to offer practical solutions for each individual seeking help. The central focus here is a procedure to determine the proper mattress, a procedure that can be conducted at every authorized Proschlaf retailer. With this test the correct mattress support structure for a persons body can be determined. (sign up for the test)

The measuring of the body: This provides important measurements that are then taken into consideration when creating the mattress and pillow.