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The Path to a Physiologically Correct Bed

People spend a minimum of six to eight hours in bed every day. During this long period of time nobody can consciously influence the spine, that is, neither its shape nor the amount of pressure or tension placed on the vertebrae and discs surrounding the spine. Therefore, all mechanical aids available must be used to provide regeneration support of the spine while sleeping. This refers mainly to the mattress and pillow. They must be individually adapted to the physical conditions of the spine, so it obtains optimal physiological support during rest at night.

The knowledge obtained by Proschlaf research and the concepts developed in connection with them are summarized using the term “individual sleep culture”.

In order to determine the correct structure of a mattress, a certain process must be adhered to – since each human body is individual and unique. The first step is a physiological check that includes a body stature profile and an analysis of the posture while prostrate. This takes place at specialty shops, authorized dealers of the Proschlaf Institute. During a three to six month observation period, the results are monitored and are optimized step by step by Proschlaf’s follow-up support.

It is important to allow enough time for the development of a bed that supports correct posture, so all physiological needs are met and the sleeping customs of the consumer can be wholly considered. The body must have a place of retreat at night where it can find optimal relaxation, which prevents one from awakening the next morning sore or with even more pain, since this would endanger the success of therapeutic measures.

Important part of the check:
The Physiological Analysis of the Prostrate Position.
This is done to evaluate the physiological harmony between bed and body.