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Physical Sleep Research

The main emphasis of the Proschlaf Institute is research. Beginning in the early nineties, research was conducted using the working title “physical sleep research” to find relationships between the quality of a night’s sleep on the one side and the physical-technical design of the sleeping environment on the other. This was done from a medical-scientific point of view.
Not only were numerous, stunning realizations gathered but also many long-standing ideas proved wrong, ideas which themselves were the reason for many negative developments related to sleep and the spine.

Proschlaf research is carried out on multiple levels. The most important level is the so-called “empirical research”, also known as research science. Different studies with hundreds of test persons were carried out. In documented, individual experiments, the relationship between physical discomforts and the condition of the sleep environment could be established. Additionally, research in sleep labs supports the Proschlaf research.

The following is an excerpt from the latest Proschlaf study conducted on 100 test persons. It shows the results that can be obtained by applying certain techniques:


   Symptoms: Minor Improvement (%) Major Improvement
Total Relief
 1  Not rested in the morning 19.8 60.2 19.2
 2  Difficulties falling asleep 22.2 61.1 11.1
 3  Difficulties sleeping the entire night 41.7 37.5 16.7
 4  Back pain during the night 6.5 48.4 45.2
 5  Back pain in the morning 7.0 63.2 29.8
 6  Back pain during the day 37.1 45.7 17.1
 7  Sore neck 18.4 53.1 28.6
 8  Tension in shoulders 16.9 62.7 20.3
 9  Extremities asleep (numb) 25.5 53.6 21.4
 10  Hip discomfort 25.0 58.3 16.7
 11  Knee discomfort 8.3 62.5 20.8
 12  Frequent lower-back pain 14.3 14.3 71.4
 13  Slipped disc 18.2 45.5 18.2
 14  Migraine headaches 7.1 50.0 14.3
 15  Sciatic pain syndrome 25.0 41.7 25.0
 16  Snoring 23.5 35.3 0.0
 17  Sleep Apnoea 40.0 40.4 0.0

The values are listed as percentages in relationship to the total of all data evaluated. The values show, as a percentage, to what extent different complaints can possibly be minimized or completely relieved.