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Health, mankind's greatest possession, increasingly influences future consumer behavior, since modern life places great burdens on our body. This requires that all resources available are employed to regenerate both physically and mentally. The bed plays a central role in this. As a logical consequence, this aspect is more fully integrated in the overall medical condition by responsible medical and health care professionals. This is also a good reason for the consumer to be more critical of the products available and to set higher standards when buying a new bed.

This should be a signal to manufacturers and retailers to prepare for this development now and equip themselves so they can supply a market which is increasingly demanding medical competence and perfected technology.

The Proschlaf Institute not only stepped up to build a bridge between medicine on one side and bed suppliers on the other, but foremost has created the technical and content framework, which provides modern day healthcare with medically qualified mattresses and pillows.

One of these guidelines is the roller-insert technology, for which the Proschlaf Institute was awarded the Innovations Prize of the State of Salzburg (Innovationspreis des Landes Salzburg). This unique and brand new technology for mattress manufacturing is the foundation for new perspectives in sleep, making individual measurements the main parameter for the design of the mattress. This ”individual sleep culture” was introduced at the international furniture convention in Cologne, Germany to an international audience of professionals. It is distributed under the brand names “Vario Sleep“, „Physio Sleep“ and „Vitario“ by well-known partners of industry and licensed partners worldwide.