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Primarius Dr. med. Andreas Kainz D.O.
Medical Director.
Prim. Dr. A. Kainz is a specialist for physical medicine, an osteopath, Director of the S.P.O.R.T.-Physikalischen Institut (Sport Physical Institute) and chief physician at the Wiener Privatklinik (The Private Clinic in Vienna)

Hans Leopold Malzl, Business Administrator
Organizational Director and Conceptual Lead
Director of “Physical Sleep Research"
Founder and former director of the Salzburger Gesundheitshauses (Health Centre in Salzburg) and the Informationszentrum für gesundes Leben (Incorporated Information Centre for Healthy Living). Vocation: state-certified business economist, trained at the Fachschule und Führungsakademie für Möbelhandel (College and Business Management Academy for Furniture Stores) in Cologne, Participation on medical training programs in the fields of anatomy, physiology and massage therapy at the WiFi (business college) in Salzburg.

Dr. med. univ. Michael Müller-Thies
Medical appraisals and medical counsel
Medical Director of the Training Program
Dr. Müller-Thies is a former senior physician at the State-Run Hospital LKH Salzburg and is currently practicing physical medicine in the Medical Center Schallmoos.

Mag. Fred Kellner-Steinmetz, Psychology
Educational Director of the Training Program
Mag. Kellner-Steinmetz is a work, health and wellness psychologist. Additional areas of specialty include: relaxation techniques and autogenic training

Helmut Starkl, Heilmasseur und Fitness-Trainer
Member of training committee
Areas of specialty: Personal Training und Spiraldynamik, Member of professional oversight council

Alexander Malzl, HAK (Commercial Academy)
Administration and Assistant in the physical sleep research, IT-Responsibility

Lotte Knoblechner
Archive and Helpline Handling