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Health, mankind's greatest possession, increasingly influences future consumer behavior, since modern life places great burdens on our body. This requires that all resources available be employed to regenerate physically and mentally. Sleep is one of the key elements of human life. It can be considered a cardinal state. Sleep progresses in a certain order and guarantees that all parts of the body undergo sufficient regeneration. Maintaining long-term, good health is thus only possible by obtaining sufficient and orderly, undisturbed sleep.

However, modern-day mankind is subject to influences and circumstances that ever increasingly threaten the undisturbed order of sleep. This subject is thus receiving ever more attention by the medical profession. Research results show that the quality of sleep at night is directly related to the physical environment. This refers to the mattress and pillow used. Negative influences of a physical nature not only cause sleep to be interrupted and thus be substantially disturbed, they also put additional strain on body parts such as the discs, muscles and ligaments. This can have a significant, negative impact on the comfort and well- being that in turn affects a person’s performance.

The physically correct design of the bed will thus become more important in the future. For professionals in medicine and health services, the logical consequence is to increasingly include this field as part of complete medical coverage. This is also a good reason for the consumer to carefully check the products offered and to use higher standards when purchasing a bed and related accessories.

The Proschlaf Institute is the first of its kind in Austria to concentrate on illuminating this complex topic from a scientific and medical perspective and to make the knowledge obtained available to all retailers interested in a modern sleep environment.

Dr. med. Andreas Kainz D.O.
Medical Director of The Proschlaf Institute

Hans Leopold Malzl
Organizational Director of „Physical Sleep Research“