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Why a Day of Sleep?

Despite good diagnostic and therapeutic advancements in medicine, various health problems are still on the rise. This not only includes motion problems but also sleep related difficulties.  According to the World Health Organization, approximately thirty percent of the population in industrial nations is affected by this. Four to six percent of the population suffers, for example, from Sleep Apnoea, a syndrome that has extensive and serious effects on the physical state. Others suffer from insomnia, have difficulties falling asleep or sleeping through the night, or have sleep disorders, the cause of which is of a physical nature and often the result of an improper mattress or incorrect pillow.

In order to shed more light on the increasing danger to health, security and well-being, a “Day of Sleep“ event has been organized. It will take place annually in Salzburg on the 21st of June, the day before the shortest night of the year.

The University Clinic for Neurology (Christian Doppler Klinik) and the Proschlaf Institute will also be offering the public this year on the “day of sleep” the opportunity to gain better insight into the circumstances that are responsible for the various forms of sleep disorders and the physical impairments they bring.


In 2005, the following informative presentations will be available on the day of sleep (June 21st):

1:00 pm The radio call-in Show „Thema“ presented by Radio Salzburg with Elfi Geiblinger
Listeners ask questions – Experts provide answers.
University Professor Prim. Dr. Gunther Ladurner, Christian Doppler Klinik
Hans Leopold Malzl, Physical Sleep Research, Institut Proschlaf

7:00 pm Podium Discussion at the Christian Doppler Klinik
with University Professor Prim. Dr. Gunther Ladurner, OA Dr. T. Moroder (Sleep Clinic) and Hans Leopold Malzl
Questions from the audience will be answered, in addition to the following topics:
“Sleep Disorders and Their Possible Causes“
”Sleep Apnoea – Diagnosis and Treatment “
”Sleeplessness as a Symptom of Depression“
”The Wrong Bed – Cause of Many Sleep Disorders and Discomforts”

Presentation of a Study on Physical Sleep Research
The „physical sleep research“ that was founded by the Proschlaf Institute concentrates on the correlation between the quality of regeneration while sleeping and the physical environment in the form of mattress, slatted frame and pillow, and how they affect the body.
A unique study conducted on 100 persons will be presented for the first time on the day of sleep in the Medical Center Schallmoos from 10:00am to 5:00 pm as an introduction to the podium discussion that will take place at 7:00 pm in the Christian Doppler Klinik.

Open House

At the Sleep Laboratory in the Christian Doppler Klinik from 2:00pm to 4:00pm:
Insight in the laboratory techniques and the research methods used in combination with Sleep Apnoea.

At the Proschlaf Institute in the Medical Center Schallmoos from 10am to 5pm:
Insight in the process of completing a physiological mattress test with test measurements taken and consultation.
If interested, there is the possibility of participating in a research study conducted by the Proschlaf Institute.

The day of sleep is mainly dedicated to two specific topics this year, topics that have an especially current significance:
„Sleep Apnoea“ and „The Correctly Configured Bed“