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Technical Developments

The Proschlaf Institute researches all relevant medical and physical components that are of importance for a physiological correct bed. These findings form the foundation for a modern sleep culture aimed at the regeneration needs of modern society.

These findings influence another important area of work at the Proschlaf Institute, the development of leading, technical advancements. This effects the items necessary for refreshing sleep such as a mattress, a pillow and a slatted frame, as well as the measuring techniques used to obtain the body measurements needed for a body-contoured mattress and pillow.

To date, patents and industrial property rights for 17 developments have been requested and a number of property rights have been granted on national and international levels. One of these patented Proschlaf technologies has taken an important role in achieving a modern, advanced sleep culture, focusing on the health needs of modern consumers: a mattress whose firmness can be programmed. It is based on the roller-insert technology, which was also developed by Proschlaf. Due to the major significance of this development for health, the Proschlaf Institute received the innovation prize as presented by the State of Salzburg in the fall of 2002.

The Proschlaf roller insert technology is currently available in four different versions as described below and is protected by four separate patents:

Single roll technique:
This simple version has 16-22 firmness rollers that can easily be adjusted by hand via slots.
a second version consists of 2 rows of rollers. The lower ones can be accessed through the upper rollers. The function of the lower ones is mainly to give support; where as the upper rollers are responsible for orthopedic regulation.
Double core technique:
This version has a couple more advantages for orthopedic correct design of a bed. The core of the mattress is split into a thin top layer and a thicker base layer. The top layer consists of a softer, highly elastic material that provides soft and pressure minimizing embedding. The base layer with its integrated exchangeable firmness rollers provides the necessary support and orthopedic regulation.
Flat-top core technique:
With this version, the exchangeable rollers have a flat surface added on top. This provides an additional cushion zone which contributes to an even better pressure reduction and additionally improves comfort. The gaps between the flat-top cores create air ducts which provide optimal ventilation and humidity regulation.