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Sleep Apnoea

It is a sleep disorder that has to be taken seriously. It is a very complex problem and just like the domino effect, it affects and impairs different organic systems. This sleep disorder is actually only a side effect, but it is dangerous to health. Sleep Apnoea is the closing of the airways in the pharynx during sleep. The causes can vary. Normally, it is related to the relaxation of certain muscle groups, which causes the narrowing of the pharynx. As sleep deepens, the throat muscles relax. The mild form of this leads to snoring. Sleep Apnoea refers to extreme cases where the respiratory tract is obstructed. Oxygen no longer enters the lung and the blood is thus not oxygenated. After 30 to 40 seconds, the body reacts with an arousal mechanism, noticeably as an intense snoring sound. Breathing is started up again and circulation continues. People suspected of suffering from sleep apnoea are treated in the sleep clinic of at the Christian Doppler Klinik with the most advanced scientific testing and therapy. A sleep laboratory with the most modern medical equipment is available. On the “day of sleep“, it is not only possible to obtain information about different kinds of sleep disorders but also to receive information about possible prophylaxis, diagnosis and therapy.