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Impaired Sleep Due to an Incorrect Mattresses and Pillows

Another focus on the day of sleep will be to provide information about physical influences on the body during sleep at night; that is, how the bed affects sleep. A study will be made public that was carried out on 100 persons at the Proschlaf Institute located in the Medical Centre Ärztezentrum Schallmoos. This study showed that there is a direct relation between regeneration result of sleep at night and the design of the physical environment, that is, the mattress and pillow. The empirical tests here also lead to the presumption that a waking mechanism is started if the organism is disturbed by a physical irritation. The sleep interruption that occurs is used to change the position of the body to a position that alleviates the irritation. This is also cyclical, and the frequency of the changes in position and the resulting interruptions of sleep are directly proportional to how well the bed and mattress are adapted to the individual’s demand for correct horizontal position. The research activities of the Proschlaf Institute have, for the first time, provided a method that allows each consumer to get a mattress and pillow that is fitted to their individual physical situation and sleep habits for a small price. The main elements of this method are the physiological mattress test, which is offered free of charge at the Medical Centre, and the Proschlaf roller-insert technology, for which the Proschlaf Institute received the innovation prize from the State of Salzburg (Innovationspreis des Landes Salzburg).